When hygiene matters.

robatherm readies a pharmaceutical company for the future.

Impeccable air hygiene is the absolute priority in pharmaceutical production. In an exemplary manner, robatherm demonstrates how an air handling unit, which weighs several tons, can be easily put into operation. Even the transport itself was impressive: With its length of almost 15 meters, the unit started its journey from robatherm in Burgau to the customer‘s site in Illertissen. Thanks to skilled preparation and precise execution, everything went according to plan.

Delivery of Impressive Dimension

A day in May. Heavily clouded sky, intermittent rainfall. In the early morning hours, the loaded truck began to move. Its gigantic freight: A pre-installed AHU to be delivered from the robatherm site directly to the customer. The route from Burgau to Illertissen was via the A8 and A7 autobahns. Of course, the sometimes adverse weather conditions needed to be anticipated and considered during preparation. Correspondingly, all openings of the air handling unit were meticulously sealed before transport to prevent any ingress of moisture or dirt. Finally, some 60 kilometers [37 miles] of driving and a few rain showers later, man and machine arrived at their destination. At last, the first rays of sunlight appeared, a good omen that may have additionally motivated all participants. The new 600-ton crane, which was standing by, was now free to work its magic. This was only the second time it had been used. With the support of all the experts on-site, the crane mastered the difficult task perfectly. The valuable colossus was placed accurately on the building by the truck according to plan with exemplary precision.

Complex Air Hygiene from a Single Source

Precisely positioned and quickly ready for use: The background for this fast start lies in the sophisticated basic concept. The new air handling unit was to ensure maximum hygiene requirements and be delivered ready for connection. Thus, time-consuming on-site assembly was avoided. The result is a clean plug-and-play variant, so to speak, in which all integrated components were already fitted and pre-installed at robatherm. Thus, the smartly designed complete solution is a complex and elegant compact unit. Furthermore, this unit combines all relevant elements: Cooling technology and the prepared control technology are accommodated next to humidification technology and hydraulic monitoring groups. Thus, this is a solution offering maximum air hygiene from a single source. The advantage is obvious: Time-consuming coordination or problems caused by different interfaces could be conveniently bypassed in this way.

Sophisticated Technologies, Intelligently Combined

As a characteristic of robatherm, the supplied air handling unit optimally combines necessary functions with innovative efficiency. In addition to integrated steam humidification, a high-performance closed-loop system ensures efficient heat recovery. Furthermore, to meet the exceptionally high demands on the purity of room air in the pharmaceutical sector, the air handling unit was equipped with a multi-stage filter system for supply and exhaust air: A HEPA filter wall with H13 filters was integrated behind an ISO ePM 1 to 85% class filter. A highly effective combination that filters at least 99.9 % of all dust particles over 0.1 to 0.3 micrometers in size from the air – thus, ensuring the best production conditions.

Certified according to the most Stringent Hygiene Testing

Our rigid view of indoor air hygiene is officially confirmed on an ongoing basis. What constitutes indispensable special needs requirements such as those of an pharmaceutical company, robatherm is capable of perfectly realizing. And it is always based on the latest version of, particularly stringent standards. The new robatherm hygiene certificate proves that robatherm air handling units meet even the currently highest hygienic requirements. Although this sounds self-evident, it is by no means the case. Most air handling unit manufacturers are unable to fulfill the complex test criteria at this required level. This is because the certification process has been intensified and is more comprehensive than ever before. This not only includes quality testing of the processed materials and a comprehensive check of the production conditions. The internal and external documentation of air handling units and their technical and hygienic design are also meticulously scrutinized.

Purest Indoor Air with Foresight

The certificate is an essential, yet not the only component of our hygiene demands. The antimicrobial coating in robatherm products, for example, offers highly effective protection. An innovative development that effectively and permanently prevents the formation of a dangerous biofilm inside the equipment. Be it molds or multi-resistant germs, an independently conducted long-term study has shown that no microorganisms can be found on the special coating, even after 10 years after operation. Thus, robatherm underscores that advanced and long-lasting hygiene technologies are part of our company‘s identity.