Multivac, Wolfertschwenden – Indoor Air Competence Meets Packaging Competence

The perfect machine for every package. With this claim, the family-owned company Multivac has evolved into a leading global supplier of packaging solutions for food, life science and healthcare products, and industrial goods. In 2021, the training and application center for slicing and automation was officially opened at their headquarters in Wolfertschwenden, Germany. MULTIVAC invested around 38 million Euros in the new building. It has a floor space of more than 17,000 m², which will be used in many ways: as an application center for the development of customized processing and packaging lines, as production areas, for office workstations, for another staff canteen, and other conference and event rooms. At MULTIVAC, ensuring that no unwanted particles get inside the packs is the packaging specialist's mission. The new application center for developing customized processing and packaging solutions has been designed to replicate the food industry's real production conditions. The air handling units from robatherm are therefore designed to ensure that only clean air enters the building. As in the past, MULTIVAC once again relied on robatherm's expertise.

8 AHUs are now in use there, ensuring the desired room temperatures and humidity levels. And for the quality or air purity, the filtering process includes two processing stages in the supply air that filter various particles from the outside air. Results: The perfect climate for MULTIVAC to drive research and development forward. The joint success story with robatherm has been enriched by adding one more chapter to their story.