Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW), Stuttgart – A Facade that Generates Energy and Serves Science

The ZSW, abbreviation for Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, has created a completely new institute building that combines modern technologies and expressive architecture. The central research topic of the ZSW is the further development of photovoltaic technologies and this is also reflected in the new building. Three sides of the building as well as the roof serve as a surface in order to use the solar radiation as effectively as possible for energy generation. In addition, ZSW employees use the façade for test purposes. The solar modules mounted on it can be replaced individually.
For ventilation and air-conditioning systems, the institute relies on robatherm's experience. A total of six AHUs by robatherm are implemented, demonstrating robatherm's versatile product range: AHUs in hygienic design to DIN 1946, one AHU with special equipment for explosion-hazard areas, and one AHU for targeted air conditioning of different zones in the building, including direct steam generation.