Drees & Sommer – With extensive façade greening, they’re setting a statement for climate-friendly architecture.

With its new office building, the consulting firm specializes in construction and real estate and wants to set a statement for climate-friendly architecture. The PlusEnergy house concept allows the showcase building to generate more energy than it consumes during operation. A result of highly insulated façade construction, photovoltaic systems, and geothermic heat via geothermal boreholes. Additional thermal insulation is provided by the 100 m² of greenery on the façade, which covers three stories. An attractive detail is the intelligent planting layout. This way, harmoniously coordinated flower colors and herbaceous perennials create a diverse overall picture. The sophisticated irrigation system is fed via three rooftop rainwater cisterns.

robatherm delivered two weatherproof air handling units for the ecologically-oriented building. A decisive advantage: Given the sometimes challenging space situation on the building’s roof, these robatherm units can be individually adapted to suit the requirements. Inspection doors were aligned with the location of a privacy partition so that access to the AHUs is possible through the existing openings in the privacy partition. In addition, to meet special kitchen area requirements, one AHU was designed with a run-around coil system, a grease trap filter, and an encapsulated exhaust air motor to handle greaseladen exhaust air.