Building Information Modeling

In many countries and promoted through regulations, BIM has already been officially defined as a standard planning method. Studies prove that over 71% of the architects, engineers and construction companies in the USA are already implementing BIM. Meanwhile in Great Britain, BIM is already deemed standard for public tenders. The intelligent data of AHUs by robatherm now enable integration into subordinate planning levels and thus, more efficient and simpler planning of building projects.

An Integral Planning Process

Through object-oriented, intelligent building models, BIM will provide digital relief during planning by creating an integral process including a standard database. Instead of using many individual drawings, information from different departments will be united in a mutual data model in an interdisciplinary manner.

BIM in Air Handling Technology

For your efficient planning, and upon request, robatherm offers the planned AHUs (TrueCompact and TrueIndividual) as BIM-objects. Besides the geometric datasets of a CAD-drawing, you’ll also receive the additional intelligence of a BIM-object. The data is made available in “*.ifc” file format“ and also in "*.rfa” file format (Autodesk Revit Family) based on VDI 3805.
robatherm connects its datasets with important information concerning the respective AHU. This, for example, includes the unit number to be able to identify the AHU throughout the entire BIM-model. In addition, the BIM-objects comprise information concerning the fans’ electrical capacity, which in turn is significant for the building’s structural engineering.