Experimenta, The Science Center in Heilbronn – A unique world of knowledge with a view inside an air handling unit

Heilbronn offers a futuristic new building, and at the same time, it is the largest science center in Germany; a world of knowledge and experience for children and adults. The exhibition area covers around 25,000 m². The Experimenta is intended to convey knowledge and the joy of experimentation interactively and playfully and thus, bringing technology and science closer to its visitors. The fact that the Experimenta is an extraordinary new building is also evident in its ventilation and air-conditioning technology. The interior of one of robatherm's seven air handling units was photographed beforehand without the thermal panels, to demonstrate the functionality of the ventilation and air-conditioning unit. The AHU was then completely assembled, and the photographs pasted on it. This gives visitors insights into how and with which components air for the Experimenta is conditioned based on a real AHU; Technology becomes perceptible - also thanks to robatherm.