Hygienic and comfortable humidification

Hygienic humidification is an air-handling issue of utmost importance. For rooms in which people live and work, a relative air humidity of 45 to 55 % is recommended for health reasons. Where air humidity levels are too low, the transfer of atmospheric oxygen via the pulmonary alveoli into the bloodstream becomes more difficult. The skin needs a high air humidity to keep it from drying out. Mucous membranes are hardly protected from evaporation; if dry, their immune defense is severely compromised. Building services systems can prevent the consequences of insufficient air humidity.
Particular attention must be attached to hygiene in humidification. Condensation water must be discharged safely to prevent microbial growth in humid environments. Therefore, the bottom trays of AHUs by robatherm are sloped on all sides. The recirculating spray humidifiers manufactured by robatherm feature stainless-steel chambers with bactericidal surfaces and are equipped with hygiene control, i. e. an automatic system for emptying, cleaning and drying of the humidifier.
In the same manner, robatherm’s high-pressure atomizers for conditioned freshwater without recirculated water are built into stainless-steel casings. As a matter of course, steam humidifiers with stainless-steel steam lances, stainless-steel bottom trays and powder-coated casings that are galvanized inside offer optimal hygiene conditions.