Certified hygiene according to VDI 6022

Increased hygienic requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems are not uncommon. In particular, air handling units with extended hygienic features are demanded in pharmaceutical-, food-, semiconductor-, medicine and aerospace industries. In short, anywhere where airborne particles can have serious consequences or affect the quality of the products to be manufactured.

Air handling units according to VDI 6022

AHU robatherm meet the highest hygiene standards. robatherm’s experience in manufacturing AHUs for increased hygienic requirements is evident in many details. Laser welded drip trays, single sloped and with rounded edges effectively avoid that any water remains in the air handling unit. Smooth interior surfaces without grooves and deepenings in the floor area facilitate access to all components and its maintenance required by VDI 6022.

Tested, confirmed, and certified in compliance with the latest standard requirements.

The excellent hygienic properties of the robatherm units have been tested and certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV Süd). During this audit, the following standards were taken into consideration:
• German DIN 1946-4: 2018-09
• German VDI 6022-1: 2018-01
• German VDI 3803-1: 2020-05
• European DIN EN 13053: 2020-05
• Swiss SWKI VA 104-01: 2019-01
By the way, certification is based on the latest respective version of the mentioned standards. This sounds like a given, but it's not. Use the comparison and check which versions of the standardization are used for certifications.

A certificate just like any other? No!

The new certification is the most comprehensive ever. It is not without reason that most manufacturers of air handling units lack this certification. Central integral parts of the test are the qualities of the materials processed and of the AHU. In addition, the production conditions are also closely scrutinized, as is the internal and external documentation, or the expert and hygienically appropriate planning and design of air handling units for specific projects requiring increased hygienic requirements.

Why go to all that trouble?

This certification doesn't cover all of the details that make air handling units by robatherm so hygienic. But the certification is yet further proof that you're on the safe and hygienic side with AHUs by robatherm.

Effective protection. Permanently hygienic

Are you responsible for the quality of room air? With AHUs by robatherm, your responsibilities will be met safely and on a long-term basis. Antimicrobial coating by robatherm prevents the formation of dangerous biofilms. After more than ten years, the coating remains an effective barrier against microorganisms.