TI-50. The new casing.

With the new TI-50 casing, robatherm sets a new milestone in the history of individual air handling units. It was our goal to develop a casing that on the one hand continues to combine and even improve the previous features of our AHUs and on the other hand creates new added value for our customers with additional features.

  • Unrestricted flexibility for individual, customized solutions.
  • Excellent casing characteristics.
  • A new benchmark for better hygiene and safe conditioning of fresh air
  • Many detailed solutions that make robatherm air handling units distinctive

Excellent characteristics (according to DIN EN 1886):

With this new casing, the well-known outstanding casing properties are improved by about 5% within the classes. Reinforcing the now 50-mm thick thermopanels increases the tightness. 50 mm is a key aspect of the new development that is also reflected in the name of the casing construction: TI-50.

With the TI-50, you can handle fresh air as hygienically as never before

Because air is human need, the focus has always been on the hygienic properties of the TI-50. The unit's easy cleanability makes it easier to maintain a constant high standard of hygiene for AHUs.

  • Smooth device floor with no protruding connecting elements
  • Smooth outer surfaces
  • Flat screw head covers
  • Door leaves with optimized screws
  • Fewer screwed connections
  • Flat head screws

Ready for the market and fully developed

robatherm decided in favor of an exceptionally long test phase for the new TI-50 casing construction. In the meantime, the product engineers can look back on thousands of operating hours of the new generation of AHUs. Experience which is important in order to be able to take justify the complete changeover to the TI-50 with a clear conscience. Would you like to get an idea of the TI-50 in practice? Then let us know. We will be happy to send you a comprehensive reference list of the new generation of AHUs.