The software “TrueBlue Efficiency Certificate” stands for true sustainability. An economical system conserving resources can only be realized by an interdisciplinary approach, taking into account the entire useful life of the air handling unit. Therefore, robatherm opts for a certificate that complies with the current standards. Values determined include the costs of investment, operation, maintenance and disposal, as well as primary-energy demand and CO2 emissions.
TrueBlue is a planning tool that, for the first time, allows to compare various makes, AHU concepts and components with regard to the specific conditions of use and boundary conditions, based on the normative calculation approach of the Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV) and the DIN V 18599. This is made possible by the fact that the DIN V 18599 permits a detailed simulation, apart from the commonly applied simplified determination of characteristic values.
Unlike other LCC analyses, TrueBlue takes into consideration the heating and cooling systems along the energy conversion chain in addition to the theoretical energy demand of the room. In other words, calculations include all losses due to generation, storage, distribution and transfer of energy. Even conventional heating and cooling systems can thus be compared objectively in terms of energy efficiency and investment costs to the systems integrated in the robatherm AHU. This is the only way to a transparent and accurate assessment of the overall system.