Campus – City of Visions, Denkendorf – Adaptable Air Handling Technology for Flexible Use of Office Space

The OBJECT CAMPUS in Denkendorf is an office building that is constructed as a curved, imposing structure. There are individually dividable offices on about 20.000 m², whereas the office spaces can be designed as desired. Even when divided into single office units, optimal lighting and air conditioning are guaranteed. OBJECT CAMPUS offers the flexibility to provide current, and future tenants perfect working areas. A further advantage for tenants is the low utility costs. Among other things, the lower utility costs are due to the German KfW Efficiency Standard of 55 that has been achieved. Through geothermal energy and photovoltaics, the OBJECT CAMPUS is heated and cooled sustainably and cost-efficiently, in combination with thermo-active building systems and air handling technology.
For efficient air conditioning, the builder-owner relied on robatherm's comprehensive service portfolio. The two AHUs are equipped with ICA- and refrigeration technology. The AHUs were enhanced with a warm water pump-control group and a heat pump with a split outdoor unit.